Before starting the information let’s clear the doubt about the word which is used for gardening as many people have some doubt “What is the word for an indoor area for gardening?”

All About Indoor Gardening

          Before starting the information let’s clear the doubt about the word which is used for gardening as many people have some doubt “What is the word for an indoor area for gardening?”
          Many people say it is a greenhouse but no, it is referred to as a greenhouse. In the greenhouse, there are various types of plants where one can observe them very clearly. It is a house that is used for growing plants as they are green so it is called as greenhouse.
As this image show:

          Indoor gardening and greenhouse both are different. Now doubts are clear so let’s go with the information about gardening.

How To Begin Indoor Gardening?

          Before starting an indoor garden first think about why you want an indoor garden? Once you think about this you will know how much you love the indoor garden and your love for indoor gardens will be shown in your indoor garden.
Let’s Begin:

  1. Decide what type of garden you want:
    All types of gardens need different types of care. Once you decide which types of gardens you want, you will know which care you have to take of your garden.
  2. Select the Proper Location:
    Once your garden type is decided you have to select which location will match those types of gardening. In gardening location matter the most whether it is indoors out outdoors. So, select it properly.
  3. Proper Pots:
    In gardening, the proper pot selection is very important. The pot decides the growth of plants. If the pot is too large and the plant is too small then the chance of the plant surviving is tough. If the plant is too big and the pot is small then the plant will not get the proper amount of water and its survival level become low.
  4. Soil:
    All soil has various specifications according to plant. So, before selecting the soil you should consider what plant you want to grow and whether it is suitable for that plant or not.
  5. Planting:
    Choose the seed very carefully as sometimes it is expired or has been damaged. When you want to plant the seed, you bought from the store make sure it is neither too deep nor above. Two thin layers of soil are enough for the seed. After sowing just put some water to make the soil a little moisture.
  6. Watering:
    Watering plants is depended on their type. Watered them at least once a day and it will be enough for them. Some plants may need too much water some may not. It is also depended on the temperature of their surroundings. Overwatering is a very common mistake in indoor gardening. So watered them with their need and regularly.
  7. Temperature and Humidity:
    The common temperature for all indoor plants is 65-to-75 degrees F and its humidity should be 40 to 50%. Make sure the temperature is suitable for plants in summer and winter accordingly.
  8. Fertilizer:
    Fertilizer is used to make the plant healthy. But the chemical use of fertilizer is not good. So, for fertilizer, you can use your waste food, damaged food, vegetables, fruits, etc. It will be healthy for them and also very effective.
  9. Cleaning and Pruning:
    Clean the dust off the plants regularly so they can breathe air without any discomfort. If your plant is showing the growth of a flower then cut them carefully, this will help the plant to grow more wonderfully. Remember that the flower on the plant will make their growth slower.
  10. Pest Control:
    Make sure your plant is safe from insects and diseases. If you see any symptoms then separate that plant from others so it will not spread to them.

Remember that plants are like a child who need care and support from their parents. If you treat them like your child then they will treat you too like parents. Also, they can feel your emotion.

How To Test pH In Water And Temperature For Indoor Gardening?

There are various products available in the market that will help you to test the pH in the water for indoor gardening:

  • pH Test Strips
  • Digital pH Meter
  • Chemical Test Kits

          These products can help you to check the pH of water without any effort. Also, it is very simple to use and check. To check the pH level in the water I will suggest you use pH Test Strips as it is eco-friendly. One can say that Digital pH Meter is good and can be reused again and again but there might be a default in your device too. Even if you want to use that make sure it is in good condition.

Testing Water Temperature:
          Water temperature can be measured by using the water thermometer. As mentioned above the water temperature should be between 65-to-75 degrees F (18 to 24 degrees C). Cold water can give a shock to plant roots so normal temperature water is good for plants. If your area is colder than make the water a little lukewarm and then watered the plants.

What Are The Best Plant Lights To Use For Indoor Gardening?

          As we all know, light is very important for plants to make their food. But sometimes indoor plant doesn’t get a sufficient amount of light for their food. So, some artificial lights are available for those plants.
Here is some popular Artificial Light for indoor gardening:

  • Fluorescent Lights
  • LED Grow Lights
  • HID (High-Intensity Discharge) Lights
  • Full-Spectrum Grow Lights

          These lights are very similar to the sunlight. Indoor gardening can be a success even in succulent areas. Remember that every plant has its own need for light so make sure they get light sufficiently.

What Is The Best Book On Indoor Hydroponic Gardening?

          When you heard the word “hydro” you suddenly remember it means water. Now here is the word hydroponic you already got the idea that it is related to water.

          The meaning of HYDROPONIC Gardening is soilless gardening. Yes, it is possible if the water has all the nutrients that a plant need. Also, the water should be clean and very nutrient if you want a soilless garden.
You Can Refer To This Book For Indoor Hydroponic Gardens:

  • Hydroponics: A Practice Guide for the Soil-less Grower – by J. Benton Jones Jr.
  • Hydroponics for the Home Grower – by Howard M. Resh
  • DIY Hydroponic Gardens: How to Design and Build an Inexpensive System for Growing Plants in Water – by Tyler Baras
  • The Hydroponic Garden Secret: How to Grow More Food Faster All Year Round – by Michael Martinez
  • Hydroponic Food Production: A Definitive Guidebook for the Advanced Home Gardener and the Commercial Hydroponic Grower – by Howard M. Resh


          In the end, there is only one word I have to say indoor gardening is so good. It helps to make your environment very fresh and healthy. The air gets purer and clearer. It will not only make the environment good but also will give a great look to your house.

          So, People you should definitely go for indoor gardening. Do Make your indoor garden a place where you will get the energy to start new if you feel down.


Most frequent questions and answers

Indoor gardening helps you to feel motivate, relieve your stress, make you productive, increase your focus level and most important maintain your health. It also helps you to gain more knowledge about plants.

Light, humidity and temperature are the important component in indoor gardening. Proper amount of light and temperature will make your
indoor garden look beautiful.

Indoor gardening helps in purifying the air quality around you as well as
improve your health. Staying around them can make blood pressure
lower, improves sleep quality and also helps in immune boosting.

Popular and common plants in many homes are: Aloe vera, jade plant, peace lily, weeping fig and many more.

If you want a fertilizer which contain chemical then Dyna-Gro Gro-008 7-9-5 Liquid Plant Food is good. But organic fertilizer is the best as it is not harmful. Organic fertilizer is still the preference of many people for their plant.

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