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Are 3D Printed Dice Balanced

Anuj Ranaware
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In recent times, 3D-printed dice have gained significant popularity due to their ability to personalize gaming experiences and provide distinctive sets of dice. Nonetheless, some individuals are worried about the balance of 3D-printed dice.

The dice’s design, the caliber of the 3D printer, and the printing parameters are some of the variables that affect the result.


The most crucial element in figuring out if the dice will be balanced is their design. The dice could be biased toward particular numbers if they are not made with precision. The dice may roll some numbers more frequently than others, for instance, if they are not precisely symmetrical or if the numbers are not equally weighted.

Quality of printer

The dice’s balance may also be impacted by the 3D printer’s quality. Dice that are not quite symmetrical or weighted may result from inaccurate printing or from an inaccurately calibrated printer.

Printing preferences

The dice’s balance may also be impacted by the printing parameters. The dice may be too light and more likely to roll particular numbers, for instance, if the infill % is too low.


Testing your 3D printed dice is the best method to make sure they are balanced. While there are a few various ways to test dice, rolling them a lot and keeping track of the results is the most popular approach. If the results are evenly distributed, then the dice are likely to be balanced.

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