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Are Tennis and Squash Rackets the Same?

Anuj Ranaware
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Are Tennis and Squash Rackets the Same?

Are Tennis and Squash Rackets the Same

Two renowned racquet sports are tennis and squash, but they use very different equipment. Squash and tennis rackets may appear to be similar at first glance, but there are some significant differences between the two sports.

After collaborating in both sports, I can say that aside from various rules and playing methods, the racket designs are one of the most noticeable variations.

Size and shape

Squash rackets (450 to 500 sq cm) have a more teardrop- or triangular-shaped head than tennis rackets (645 to 700 sq cm), which have a larger head size. Tennis rackets have larger heads than other sports equipment, which results in a larger sweet spot and easier ball contact. On the other hand, squash rackets are more maneuverable and precise, which is crucial for the game’s quick rallies.


Tennis rackets typically weigh between 260 and 340 grams, whereas squash rackets only weigh between 130 and 160 grams. Tennis rackets are heavier than other sports equipment, which increases the power of shots but can also make quick movements more challenging.


Strings on squash rackets are typically thinner than those on tennis rackets. The thicker strings offer more control and spin because tennis balls are heavier and move faster than squash balls. Conversely, squash rackets use thinner strings to produce more power and bounce.


Rackets for different sports, such as squash and tennis, have different features to accommodate the demands of those particular sports. It’s crucial to pick the best racket for your needs if you’re new to racquet sports. It is best to try both tennis and squash rackets before you buy one if you are unsure which one is best for you.

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Most frequent questions and answers

No. Why not? A squash racket is built and optimized specifically to be used for a squash ball, which is relatively lighter and much smaller than a tennis ball. The guts of a squash racket is not as tightly bound as that compared to a tennis racket.

One of the reasons that tennis is often considered to be harder than squash for beginners to learn—and hard in general as a sport—is because the tennis serve is notoriously difficult and is a key component of a tennis game.

A light racket is more agile and therefore perfect for offensive play. You can react faster and attack the ball. The slightly heavier frames are more suitable for players with a traditional playing style with a slower swing.

Maybe in the second or third lesson, as I get to know the kid – and the parent, of course – I bring up the fact that Roger Federer grew up playing squash with his father. (His mother was from South Africa. Anywhere the British went, they brought squash.

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