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Astonishing Comeback of Logan Paul (Logan Paul vs. Dillon Dannis)

Anuj Ranaware
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Logan Paul is 28 years old American social media influencer was originally known for his popularity on a social media platform known as “Vines”, after which he became popular on YouTube who now has a total subscriber count of 23.6 million by October, 2023. Logan Paul is also a professional wrestler and actor working in many famous projects, Logan Paul made his first debut in Boxing in 2018 with another famous influencer known as KSI and this match was declared as draw , after which in the rematch Logan Paul lost after a 7 round match against KSI . Ever since then, Logan Paul has taken a break from boxing courier and focused on his wrestling and acting courier. In between, Logan Paul was also rumored of dating Nina Agdal and was found proposing to her in 2023, July.

As for Dillon Danis, he is a 30 year old American MMA fighter who has dedicated his whole life in fighting sports , he also has many achievements in Brazilian Jiu – Jutsu and is known to be close with the Connor McGregor a renowned MMA fighter. There is not much about Dillon Danis  on internet because he keeps his life private.

The results of match was very disappointing for the fighter Dillon Danis, Paul won the fight by disqualification after Danis was penalised for repeatedly attempting to grapple with Paul and for refusing to follow the referee’s instructions. The fight was stopped in the fourth round after Danis attempted to take Paul down and then refused to let go of him.


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