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Bagh Nakh Buy Online

Anuj Ranaware
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A list of 3 Bagh Nakhas, that you must see if you are a true follower of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The list ranges from Bagh Nakhas from price Rs. 999 to $400.

Product 1

Bagh Nakh Buy Online

This Bagh Nakh from Invincible One, provides good worth for  the quality. It is offered for just Rs.999 which is also good for pocket.

Product 2

This Bagh Nakh from Shree Amritsar Swords(famous in weapon crafting), is made of carbon steel as blade material and brass as the crossguard material, on sale for Rs.2950.

Product 3

This Bagh Nakh from Arizona, may be quite expensive with a $400 price tag, but it will provide you authenticity which no one will.

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