BTS Jimin and BlackPink’s Jisoo Shine in Nomination of MAMA Award

BTS Jimin and BlackPink’s Jisoo Shine in Nomination of MAMA Award

What is MAMA Award?

BTS Jimin and BlackPink’s Jisoo Shine in Nomination of MAMA Award

          Entertainment business CJ E&M presents the MAMA Awards, formerly known as the Mnet Asian Music Awards, an important music awards show every year. Along with the Golden Disc Awards and the Seoul Music Awards, it is regarded as one of the “Big Three” music awards programs in South Korea. It is among the biggest and most prestigious music awards in Asia.

          Every year in November or December, the awards ceremony takes place. It is televised live on Mnet, as well as on CJ E&M channels and other foreign networks. Numerous categories are covered by the awards, including as Best New Artist, Best Global Artist, Song of the Year, and Album of the Year.

          K-pop musicians greatly desire the MAMA Awards since they are seen as a key measure of success in the field. The awards have drawn criticism for their lack of openness and for emphasizing popularity above artistic brilliance. They are nevertheless, nonetheless, among Asia’s most significant music awards events.

          The 2023 MAMA Awards will be held on November 28-29, 2023 in Osaka, Japan

BTS Jimin and BlackPink's Jisoo Shine in Nomination of MAMA

          The top nominees for the 2023 MAMA Awards included Jimin of BTS and Jisoo of BLACKPINK, who each received many nominations for their individual projects. In addition to Song of the Year and Artist of the Year, Jisoo was nominated six times for her solo debut song “FLOWER.” Jimin was nominated five times as a lead artist and three times as a featured artist. He was nominated for Best Collaboration for his “VIBE” project with Taeyang.

          At Japan’s Tokyo Dome, the 2023 MAMA Awards was place on November 28 and 29. Jimin was the recipient of three awards: Worldwide Fans’ Choice, Best Dance Performance – Male Solo, and Best Male Artist. Best Female Artist and Best Dance Performance – Female Solo were the two prizes that Jisoo took home.

          Jimin and Jisoo are both highly gifted and prosperous solo performers, and their MAMA Award wins are well-earned. Their achievements and nominations are evidence of their hustle and dedication to their art.

Here are some of the most notable winners of the MAMA Awards:

  1. BTS
  2. EXO
  3. TWICE
  5. IU
  6. Big Bang

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