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Can you Take Claritin with Eliquis

Anuj Ranaware
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Understanding how medicines work together

Claritin is used for allergies and hives. Eliquis is a blood thinner that stops blood from clotting.

Mixing Medicines

Before taking Claritin and Eliquis together, it’s important to check if they might react badly. Sometimes, when different medicines are taken at the same time, they might not work well together or could cause problems.

Interaction Between Claritin and Eliquis

Claritin and Eliquis usually don’t cause problems together. But it’s smart to ask your doctor or pharmacist before taking Claritin, especially if you already use Eliquis.

Things to Think About with Claritin and Eliquis

While Claritin and Eliquis usually don’t cause issues together:

  • Bleeding Risk with Eliquis: Eliquis can make bleeding more likely. Claritin doesn’t usually do this, but it’s important to know that Eliquis might increase the chances of bleeding.
  • Sleepiness: Both Claritin and Eliquis might make you feel sleepy. If you take both, be careful when driving or using machines.

Speak to Your Doctor

If you’re using both Claritin and Eliquis, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor. They can make sure it’s safe for you to take both and keep an eye out for any problems that might arise.


Usually, Claritin and Eliquis don’t cause issues together. Still, it’s smart to ask your doctor or pharmacist before taking Claritin with Eliquis. Your doctor can check if it’s safe and watch for any problems.

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