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Do 3D Printers Come With Software?

Anuj Ranaware
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What is 3D Printing?

          3D printers are used to make 3D printing. You can create anything from a 3D-Printer with the help of the design of that model. Even a model can be created with 3D-Printing.  3D printing is also known as additive manufacturing. It is a process of creating three-dimensional objects by adding materials layer by layer based on the model created in the computer. It is basically a technology that converts digitally created models to produce the exact same model in real life. The process of 3D printing mainly involves designing, slicing, preparations, printing, and post-processing.

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What Is A 3D-Printing Software?

          Software is basically a collection of programs, data, and instructions that enables a computer or an electronic device to perform specific tasks. It is a code that is written in a programming language that allows computers to perform various operations. A 3D printing software also known as slicer software, is a specialized application only used in the process of 3D printing. It plays a very important role in converting a 3D model into instructions that a 3d printer can understand and execute.

3D Printers With Software

          As we know software has been essential for making things work on the computer. When you purchase a 3D printer, it usually includes software that is essential for the printer to perform its operation. The software is made to assist in the process of creating 3D models. It is responsible for creating, preparing, and printing 3D models. Slicing software is provided with a 3D-printer.

          Slicing software is software that converts 3D models into a format that the 3D-printer can comprehend. It takes a 3D model, which is usually stored in a format like.STL or.OBJ, and slices it into a series of thin layers.  Each layer is then translated into instructions that the 3D-printer can understand and execute to build the object layer by layer.

          The slicing software allows you to arrange various parameters that affect the print, such as layer height, print speed, infill density, and support structures. Settings can be adjusted to achieve the desired level of detail, strength, and surface finish for your 3D-printed object.

Features Of 3D Printing Software

          3D printer software provides additional features for a better user experience. The below-mentioned features may vary depending on the software and the printer manufacturer.

  1.  The software allows basic editing like resizing the model, rotation, and aligning the model on the print bed.
  2. Multiple objects can be placed simultaneously, the software helps it arrange on the print bed.
  3. There is also one feature called Print Preview, which provides a visual representation of how the sliced model will look when printed. It also allows you to inspect errors and make necessary adjustments.
  4. G-Code is the language used by 3D-Printers to execute print instructions.  It allows you to examine. It allows you to examine specific commands that will be sent to your printer.
  5. 3D-Printers offer calibrations to achieve accurate prints. The software also includes calibration routines.
  6. 3D-Printers allow you to update the firmware of the printer directly from the software interface which helps in fixing bugs, boosts performance, and adds new features.

          Apart from system slicing software, there is also open-source slicing software such as Ultimaker Cura or PrusaSlicer that users with a wide variety of 3D-Printers from different manufacturers.  You can also download the software from the manufacturer’s website that is compatible with your printer. It is always recommended to check the manufactures guide to ensure that you have the correct software required for your 3D-Printer.

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