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Does Baseball Bounce?

Anuj Ranaware
2 Min Read

          The question of whether a baseball bounces isn’t as easy to answer as you might think. Generally, a baseball doesn’t bounce as much as other balls like basketballs or tennis balls. That’s because a baseball has a core made of cork, which isn’t very bouncy.

         But there are times when a baseball can bounce. For example, if someone hits a baseball really hard, it can change shape a bit and bounce. Also, if a baseball hits a hard surface like concrete, it’s more likely to bounce than if it hits something soft like grass.

         The weather can also make a difference. A cold baseball doesn’t bounce as well as a warm one because the cork inside is more flexible when it’s warm.

         Usually, how much a baseball bounces isn’t a big deal in the game. But sometimes, it can really matter. A weird bounce can make a fielder miss the ball or help a runner get to a base safely.

         So, the answer isn’t a simple yes or no. A baseball can bounce, but it depends on the situation. And even though it’s not a huge deal in baseball, sometimes it can change the game.


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