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Does Every Baseball Team Have A Captain?

Anuj Ranaware
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The job of a captain in baseball has changed over time. A long time ago, captains were often player-managers who had a lot of power on the field. But as baseball got more pro, the manager’s job became more focused, and the captain’s role became less clear.

Now, baseball teams don’t have to have a captain. Actually, only a few teams in Major League Baseball (MLB) have captains. Teams like the New York Yankees, Kansas City Royals, and Pittsburgh Pirates have had captains in recent times.

Deciding if a team has a captain is up to that team. Some teams think having a captain is good for leadership and keeping the team strong. Others think the idea of a captain is old-fashioned and not needed in today’s game.

There are good and bad things about having a captain. A captain can be a strong leader who keeps the team together. They can also talk to the media for the team.

But a captain can also cause problems. If not everyone respects the captain, it can make the team tense. And the pressure of being a captain can be tough for some players.

In the end, having a captain or not is a team choice. Some teams think the benefits are worth it, while others think it’s not needed anymore.

Even without a captain, other players can be leaders. They might not have the captain title, but they can still help and support their teammates.

What really matters is having players who are ready to lead, whether there’s a captain or not. They can make a good and winning team spirit. 

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