Google’s AI Revolution

Google PaLM 2

          PaLM 2 is a language model developed by Google that aims to bring AI smarts to some of Google’s most popular apps, such as Gmail, Google Docs, and Bard.

          It has 4 types of Size Versions namely 1. Gecko, 2. Otter, 3. Bison, 4. Unicorn.It can do common sense reasoning, and mathematics, and can even apply formal logic. It spans over 100+ different languages.PaLM 2 Fine Tuning works very well when it comes to analyzing information and detecting security threats which helps to malicious scripts and other programs.

          Med-PaLM 2 is the first AI model which has given expert-level performance in Medical Licensing Exam-Style Questions.
Google’s Future Projects are Google Deepmind and its branch Gemini.

Google Bard

          Google Bard has the capability of coding like it can do code generation, code debugging, and can explain a code. Google Bard can code with 20+ different languages like C, C++, Python, JavaScript, Kotlin, etc. It can even help with Code Debugging.

          It can even help to improve a code. You can even ask any other prompt to Bard and it will give you input with the relevant images and if you are asking it about a particular location it will give you an answer with the location as well using Google Maps.

          It will give the latest information related to your query. Bard can even store your information with the help of Google Sheets. It will work in 180+ countries and more than 40+ languages but it will only work with English, Japanese, and Korean currently.

Google Workspace

          You can write in Google Docs using Generative AI Models. For example, if you want to create a description for a job post or create your portfolio you can make it easily with this AI Model.

          You can even make your work easier with the help of this model in Google Sheets. You can write a command in Google Sheets to this AI Model and it will give you the desired output for you.

          It also has the ability auto-complete your text. For example, if you are writing a story in Google Docs you can ask for suggestions for the next incident in your story to the AI Model and it will give you the relevant incident you can add to your story.

          The next fabulous thing you can do is when you are working on Google Slides and if you have forgotten to write Speaker Notes you can ask the AI Model to write speaker notes for all slides and it will write the relevant speaker notes for the slides.

Revolutionizing Improvement in Google Search

          Google will integrate a new search result page which will be a short answer and summary of your query with the help of its Generative AI Model. Of course, Google search will rank the websites and show the list of relevant pages related to your query like it was doing in the past and is doing in the present but this addition will truly revolutionize people’s way to search Google.

          Google will also refer show the websites through which it has taken the answer to your query. This AI snippet will also have an option of Ask a follow-up through which you can directly ask your query with the Google Chatbot and it will also show you the related queries. It will also show you how the information has been collaborated.

          Google will also suggest products if your query is related to buying products and will also give you considering aspects to buy the products. You won’t believe the fact that Google’s Marketplace is updated 1.8 Billion times per hour. Google Ads system will not change if there are sponsored products it will show them at the top of the selected query. You can even ask for a follow-up for the product with its particular feature like its color.

          It will also show you about the retailers which have the product available for sale.

Google Cloud

          Google has also upgraded Google Cloud. Now, with Google Cloud, you can build generative AI Applications using Google’s AI platform Vertex AI. Through Vertex AI anyone can access the basic models of chat, text, and image. You can choose the model you want and tune the prompts according to you and you can fine-prompt the model according to your computing needs.

          You can even create a whole data store for your app or website with the help of Vertex AI.

          Next is Duet AI for Google Cloud. Duet AI uses generative AI to provide developers with a particular system for themselves like Auto code completions, and auto code suggestions, and it can even generate a whole function in real-time. You can even get code reviews and code inspections with the help of it. You can make all these capabilities on Google’s AI-optimized infrastructure.

Project Tailwind

          Project Tailwind is like an AI notebook. You can directly access the files from Google Drive and it will create a personalized and private AI model for you which has expertise in the information which you have given it.

          For example, if you are a student and have a note of a particular subject in Google Drive, you will ask it to create a study guide or a summary of a particular topic and it will create Key topics for you and suggest questions and a whole study guide for you to make your study more effective.

          It will analyze and compile the information you have given it for you. Isn’t it amazing! But unluckily we will have to wait to use it because this project is in its early days.

Generative AI's Trust & Safety

          Google is now capable to identify AI-generated images and AI-generated content with the help of metadata. And Google wants it to be there to identify AI-generated images and it will ensure that any image created by Google’s Generative AI will have the metadata to differentiate between AI-generated and real images.

          It will also especially show that the image is labeled as AI-generated.

Universal Translator

          Universal Translator is also a new AI of Google that will dub a video with its original voice, lip matching, speech generation, intonation, and translation in such a way that it will not even look like it is dubbed.


          Google is now revolutionizing the world with its advancement in Generative AI which will change the IT industry totally. It will also change the search Google. Everyone was thinking that Google will be finished due to ChatGPT but Google’s introduction to its whole AI ecosystem is real-time and more reliable than ChatGPT.

          It is finishing off Microsoft Bing, Azure, and Copilot and it is looking like that Google will lead the industry.

          Stay with us for the more latest information on this revolution.

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