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How Is Dussehra Celebrated In Bangalore

Anuj Ranaware
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How Dussehra Is Celebrated In Bangalore

          Bangalore celebrates Dussehra, also called Dasara or Vijayadashami, a significant Hindu holiday, with great zeal and fervour. The celebration honours the epic Ramayana’s portrayal of good triumphing over evil.

          Bangalore celebrates Dussehra with a fusion of modern and traditional customs. People decorate their homes with lights and flowers as the city comes alive with celebrations. Chants and the sounds of devotional music fill the air.

Bombe Habba (Doll festival)

          The doll festival, or bombe habba, is one of Bangalore’s unique Dussehra traditions. People set up shelves or steps in their homes and put on display a variety of figurines and dolls during this time.

          These dolls depict a variety of gods, legends, and scenes from commonplace narratives. A celebration of art, culture, and tradition is the bombe habba.

Dasara procession

          One of the main attractions of Bangalore’s Dussehra celebrations is the large-scale parade that happens on the day of Vijayadashami. Many tableaux, cultural performances, and floats are on display during the procession.

          The idol of Bangalore’s patron goddess, Goddess Chamundeshwari, is the parade’s main attraction. The idol is carried through the city’s streets while mounted atop a stately elephant.

Food and festivities

          There is also feasting during Dussehra. A wide range of traditional foods, including snacks, savoury dishes, and sweets, are prepared. The air is filled with the aroma of freshly prepared food, which heightens the festive mood.

          Bangalore holds several cultural events during Dussehra, including dance performances, music concerts. Local artists can display their talent on a stage thanks to these events.

Vijayadashami celebrations

          The Vijayadashami day marks the end of the Dussehra festivities. The common Vijayadashami puja is performed on this day to symbolize the victory of good over evil. The effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakarna, and Meghnad are burned after the puja. The victory of virtue over evil is symbolized by the burning of effigies.

          Dussehra is a time for happiness, festivity, and getting together. People from all walks of life come together for the festival, fostering a sense of belonging.

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