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Is Durga Puja Celebrated In Dubai

Anuj Ranaware
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          The Bengali community’s most respected and significant event is called Durga Puja. The celebration, which lasts for ten days, commemorates the triumph of good over evil as symbolized by the goddess Durga’s victory over the demonic Mahishasura. Everywhere in the world, including Dubai, Durga Puja is observed with much fanfare and splendor.

History of Durga Puja in Day

          Early in the 1970s, Dubai hosted its inaugural Durga Puja. The Bengali population in Dubai was somewhat modest at the time, but it has greatly increased recently. As a result, Durga Puja celebrations have expanded and grown in complexity in Dubai.

How is Durga Puja celebrated in Dubai?

          Celebrations for Durga Puja in Dubai traditionally start with the placement of a sizable idol of the goddess Durga in a pandal, or makeshift structure. The pandals are embellished with floral arrangements, lighting, and other accessories. Visitors to the pandals make prayers and request the goddess’ blessings.

          Dance performances, music recitals, and theater recitals are just a few of the cultural and entertainment events that take place in the pandals. Also a time for feasting and socializing is Durga Puja. Families and friends gather together to eat delectable Bengali food, swap tales, and have fun.

Learn about How Durga Puja is celebrated in India and Bangladesh.

  1.  One of the biggest and most well-attended Durga Puja festivities in Dubai is hosted by the Bengali Social and Cultural Association (BSOCA). The BSOCA grounds in Al Nahda are the venue.
  2.  Another well-liked Durga Puja celebration in Dubai is the Utsav Durga Puja. The location is Dubai Festival City.
  3.  At the Sindhi Ceremonial Hall in Meena Bazaar, a scaled-down version of Durga Puja is celebrated.

Cultural significance of Durga Puja in Dubai

          For Bengalis in Dubai, Durga Puja is more than just a religious holiday. It is also a significant cultural occasion that supports the preservation and advancement of Bengali heritage and culture. Bengalis gather to celebrate their common culture and identity during Durga Puja.

          In Dubai, Bengalis have a strong sense of community thanks in large part to Durga Puja. Bengalis from all walks of life can congregate and mingle in the pandals. Bengalis also teach their children about their history and ancestry during Durga Puja.

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Impact of Durga Puja on the Dubai Economy

          The Dubai economy is significantly impacted by Durga Puja. The festival promotes the city’s tourism business by bringing in a lot of visitors. Additionally, jobs in the hospitality, retail, and transportation industries are produced by Durga Puja.           Additionally, Bengalis buy new clothing, jewelry, and other items during Durga Puja. This promotes Dubai’s retail industry.  Learn everything about Navratri 2023 in our detailed article.

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