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Kabaddi Court Measurement

Anuj Ranaware
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Kabaddi Court Measurement

Kabaddi Court Measurement

          The enthralling game of Kabaddi, which has its roots in the Indian subcontinent, is known for its exhilarating fusion of physical skill and tactical genius. The kabaddi court measurement is one of the most important features of the game, despite the complexity of the rules and regulations that regulate it.

          The International Kabaddi Federation (IKF) standardizes the size of a kabaddi court. The court has a rectangular shape and is 10 meters (32.8 feet) wide by 13 meters (42.6 feet) long. This gives athletes plenty of room to move around and display their agility.

          A central line divides the court into two halves. The half of the raiding team is referred to as the raiding zone, and the half of the opposing team as the defending zone.

Within the court, there are several important markings that play a crucial role in the game:

  • Baulk lines: Two baulk lines, one on either side of the center line, are marked on the court. 3.75 meters (12.3 feet) apart from the center line are the baulk lines. To tag players from the opposite side, the raider must cross the baulk line and enter the defending zone.
  • Bonus line: On the side of the court where the raiding team is playing, the bonus line is marked 3.75 meters (12.3 ft) from the baulk line. A raider’s team receives two points in place of one if they successfully tag a member of the other team while crossing the bonus line.
  • Midline: Halfway between the baulk lines, the midline is drawn. When determining if a raider is out of bounds, the midline is employed.
  • The precise measurement of the kabaddi court ensures that the game is played fairly and consistently. It allows for optimal movement of players and prevents any unfair advantages. Additionally, the markings on the court serve as visual cues, aiding players in their strategic decision-making.


          A key component of the game is the size of the kabaddi court. It gives players a uniform stage on which to display their prowess and contend at the top level. It adds to the excitement and thrill of kabaddi that the court’s exact measurements and markings guarantee that the game is played fairly and consistently.


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