Racism Against Germany U-17 Football Team

Racism Against Germany’s U-17 FIFA World Cup Players on Facebook

Berlin, Germany

The German Football Association (DFB) faced a troubling situation on its Facebook page dedicated to junior teams. They had to take action against racist and discriminatory comments directed at the U17 players.

This issue arose when the DFB shared a photo on Facebook celebrating the U17 team’s exciting 3-2 win against the United States in the FIFA U-17 World Cup round of 16 in Indonesia. The photo featured four players: Charles Herrmann, Almugera Kabar, Paris Brunner (all from Borussia Dortmund), and Fayssal Harchaoui (Cologne).

Germany U-17 FIFA Team

However, instead of positive comments, the post received an influx of racist remarks targeting the players’ skin color and backgrounds. Responding swiftly, the DFB disabled comments on the post and strongly condemned the abusive behavior.

The DFB expressed deep disappointment, saying, “We’re shocked by the racist abuse our U17 players faced. We won’t tolerate such behavior and are taking steps to find and take action against those responsible.”

The association emphasized its dedication to diversity and inclusivity, asserting that “every player, regardless of their background, deserves respect.”

DFB Logo

This incident drew widespread outrage from fans, fellow players, and organizations fighting racism in sports. Many expressed support for the U17 players and demanded stricter measures to combat racism.

At the same time, the DFB encouraged anyone with information about the perpetrators to come forward. They’re also collaborating with social media platforms to implement stronger measures against online hate speech.

This situation serves as a stark reminder of the persistence of racism, even in sports. It underscores the urgent need to continue the fight against all forms of discrimination and create an environment of inclusivity and respect for everyone involved.

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