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Trident Royalties Secures $40M Debt Deal, Slashing Borrowing Costs for Growth

Trident Royalties PLC has successfully secured a new revolving credit facility of US$40 million, a move expected to significantly cut its borrowing costs.

The facility, arranged by a syndicate of top banks, comes with an interest rate of SOFR plus 2.5-4.5%, depending on leverage ratios. This presents a substantial annual saving of up to US$1.3 million compared to the company’s existing SOFR plus 5.75% rate.

This development holds particular significance for Trident Royalties, a prominent player in the gold royalty and streaming sector. The company boasts a portfolio featuring high-quality royalties and streams tied to some of the world’s most promising gold projects.

The secured debt deal is poised to furnish Trident Royalties with the financial maneuverability necessary for further portfolio growth and the creation of value for its shareholders.

Trident Royalties PLC cuts borrowing costs with new debt deal

Expressing satisfaction about the new debt deal, Trident Royalties CEO, H. Peter Watson, remarked, “We are delighted to have secured this new debt deal, which will significantly reduce our borrowing costs and provide us with the financial flexibility we need to continue to grow our business. This is a testament to the strength of our balance sheet and our relationships with the banking community.”

The anticipated closing of the debt deal is set for December 2023.

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Trident Royalties, a leading gold royalty and streaming company, has strategically positioned itself by securing a US$40 million revolving credit facility. This move is not only expected to yield annual cost savings of up to US$1.3 million but also grants the company enhanced financial flexibility for pursuing growth opportunities and enhancing shareholder value.

Key Drivers Behind the Debt Deal

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Several factors have contributed to Trident Royalties’ decision to secure the new debt facility:

  1. Financial Strength: Trident Royalties’ robust financial position, as evident from its healthy balance sheet and consistent positive cash flows, has positioned it favorably as an attractive borrower in the eyes of the banking community.

  2. Diversified Portfolio: The company’s portfolio, consisting of high-quality royalties and streams on promising gold projects, provides a reliable revenue base and stable cash flow, making it a trustworthy borrower.

  3. Positive Gold Price Outlook: The optimistic outlook for gold prices further solidifies Trident Royalties’ financial standing and improves its ability to secure favorable loan terms.

Anticipated Impacts of the Debt Deal

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The new debt facility is poised to bring forth several positive outcomes for Trident Royalties:

  1. Reduced Borrowing Costs: With a lower interest rate of SOFR plus 2.5-4.5%, compared to the existing 5.75% rate, Trident Royalties is set to experience a substantial reduction in borrowing costs, translating into annual savings of up to US$1.3 million.

  2. Enhanced Financial Flexibility: The increased borrowing capacity of US$40 million provides Trident Royalties with the essential financial flexibility to pursue strategic acquisitions, invest in new projects, and bolster its operational capabilities.

  3. Improved Shareholder Value: Through cost reduction, expanded growth opportunities, and fortified financial standing, Trident Royalties aims to enhance shareholder value over the long term.

Overall Significance of the Debt Deal

Trident Royalties’ successful securing of a new debt facility underscores the company’s financial strength, attractive asset base, and promising growth prospects.

This strategic move positions Trident Royalties to capitalize on emerging opportunities, broaden its portfolio, and consistently create sustainable value for its shareholders. As the company navigates the dynamic gold mining industry, this debt deal provides a robust foundation for future success.


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