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Two Men Stab Each Other Over Dallas Cowboys Game

Anuj Ranaware
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          During a Sunday altercation over a Dallas Cowboys game, two guys in Texas were stabbed.  At Arlington, Texas’ AT&T Stadium, on October 16, 2023.

          The event happened at an Arlington, Texas, pub not long after the Cowboys were defeated by the Philadelphia Eagles. Police report that the two males got into a violent brawl due to a dispute about the game. Both males sustained stabbings during the incident.

          After being sent to adjacent hospitals, the two men’s conditions are stable. There have been no arrests made by police as of yet; they are currently looking into the event.

          This is only the most recent instance of violence connected to sports fanaticism. Many incidents of supporters fighting, damaging property, and even attacking players and coaches have surfaced in recent years. It’s critical to keep in mind that sports are only games and that violence has no place in society.

          Please notify security or the police if you ever witness someone acting aggressively at a sporting event. Any environment, but especially one where people are meant to be having fun, should not accept violence.

          Violence is never the solution, as this incident serves as a reminder. If you and another person are at odds, please attempt to work things out amicably. Violence has no justification.

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