15 Pa Government Job

Pennsylvania state troopers are in charge of enforcing traffic regulations, looking into accidents, and attending to emergencies 

State Trooper

When it comes to helping people and families in Pennsylvania who are dealing with problems like mental health disorders 

Social Worker

As custodians of Pennsylvania’s natural resources, park rangers are in charge of safeguarding visitors’ safety, upholding park rules 

Park Ranger

In Pennsylvania, environmental scientists study and analyze problems including pollution, habitat degradation 

Environmental Scientist

Pennsylvania tax auditors are in charge of looking over financial documents and tax returns to make sure they comply with state tax 

Tax Auditor

Through illness prevention, health promotion, and education, public health nurses in Pennsylvania work to improve the health 

Public Health Nurse

In Pennsylvania, civil engineers plan, build, and maintain physical infrastructure, such as water systems, bridges, and highways 

Civil Engineer

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