Activity To  Honour dad

Organize a friendly family sports

A Father's Day family sports tournament featuring your dad's favorite games is a fun and competitive way to celebrate.

Attend a live sports event

On Father's Day, cheer for Dad's favourite team at a live sporting game. The crowd's energy makes every sporting event joyful, whether it's baseball, soccer, or another. 

Have a backyard game day

On Father's Day, play badminton, croquet, or frisbee in the backyard with your dad. Play games in your backyard. Father's Day is perfect for a backyard game day.

Cook a special Father's Day breakfast

Cook breakfast for your father without his knowing and surprise your father by putting the breakfast on hi bed and wake up you father.

Arrange a backyard BBQ party

On Father's Day, have a backyard BBQ and cook Dad's favourite meats and veggies. Gather family and friends, light the grill, and celebrate.

Go on a foodie adventure

Father's Day is a great time to visit new eateries or food trucks with your dad. Taste new foods and make memories.

Plan a cooking competition

Prepare for a creative, flavourful, and hilarious showdown. A Father's Day culinary competition is ideal.

Organize a family photo session

A family photo shoot on Father's Day is a great way to celebrate and create lasting memories.

Engage in a DIY craft project

On Father's Day, try creating a birdhouse or painting with your dad. A Father's Day DIY craft project is ideal.

Visit a museum or art gallery

It lets him explore his interests, learn, and appreciate these cultural institutions beauty and expertise. For Father's Day, visit a museum or art gallery.

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