All about bokksu Japanese Chocolate


Bokksu is a membership administration conveying handpicked Japanese bites and teas to your doorstep.

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Bokksu Grocery

Bokksu Market is an internet-based staple expansion of the membership administration, offering a huge choice of superior grade genuine Japanese tidbits,

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Bokksu Box

Bokksu Box is a month to month membership administration that conveys a true taste of Japan straightforwardly to your doorstep

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Sakuracom Vs Bokksu 

Sakuraco and Bokksu are both membership benefits that convey credible Japanese tidbits and teas around the world.

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Bokksu White Strawberry

Bokksu’s White Strawberry is a champion nibble in their membership boxes.

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Tokyo Treat Vs Bokksu

TokyoTreat and Bokksu are both notable enrollment organizations for Japanese goodies

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