Bring Revolution  In Your  3D Printing  With These Tips and Trick

Make Use of a Raft

Rafts are printed below models to create a strong base and improve adhesion for small or thin objects.

Add Support Structures

Support structures prevent collapse of overhangs and bridges during printing, can be removed afterwards for efficiency.

Improve Print Speed

Printer movement speed affects print quality. Faster speeds reduce print time, while slower speeds improve accuracy and detail. Experiment for optimal results.

Adjust Infill Density

Infill density affects print time and strength. Lower density saves material, higher density enhances durability.

Use Bridging

Bridging, printing across supports, can be improved by adjusting speed and temperature settings.

Monitor Temperature

Monitor temperature to ensure print quality and proper material adhesion. Check settings and watch for temperature-related issues.

Clean the build plate

Clean the build plate with isopropyl alcohol or a cleaning agent to improve adhesion and prevent warping.

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