Checklist Before Buying 

Your New Printer

1.Your Budget

Compare prices, features, read reviews, and find budget-friendly inkjet printers.

2.Ink Type

Consider ink combinations: individual vs. tri-color cartridges, pigment vs. dye-based inks. 

3.Print Quality

Evaluate dpi, ink, and paper for desired print quality in inkjet printers.

4.Print Speed

Consider print speed (PPM) when buying an inkjet printer; balance speed and budget.

5.Wireless Connectivity

Rinters offer Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, and cloud connectivity for wireless printing.

6.Additional Feature

Advanced printers: duplex, scanner/copier, memory slots, touchscreens, cloud, mobile printing apps.

7.Paper Format

Consider paper format (letter, legal, tabloid) and printer capabilities before purchase.


Consider printer size compact for portability, larger for power and capacity.