First-Generation ThinkPad X1 Carbon Features

Appearance and portability

The Generation 1 X1 Carbon had a lightweight, sturdy carbon fiber chassis with a sleek, professional aesthetic. It was 0.74 inches thick.

The X1 Carbon Generation 1

The X1 Carbon Generation 1 had a 14-inch HD+ 1600×900-pixel display. The crisp, vibrant display made working on documents, browsing the web, and watching multimedia fun.

 Keyboard and TrackPoint

The ThinkPad X1 Carbon’s keyboard was known for comfort and haptic feedback. ThinkPad enthusiasts may navigate with the red TrackPoint pointing stick.

Performance and Battery Life

With third-generation Intel Core CPUs, the X1 Carbon Generation 1 handled business workloads and multitasking well. Its battery lasted several hours,

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