History of Bagh Nakh: Weapon of Victory

There are conflicts for the time periods in which the bagh nakh appeared first. It is said that poisoned bagh nakh had been used by the Rajputs for assassinations.

Its most famous usage of the weapon was by the first Maratha leader Shivaji Maharaj 

It is a well-liked weapon among the Nihang Sikhs, who frequently carry one in their left hand while wielding a more powerful weapon.

The Sher-Panja, which is modeled after the bagh nakha and is one of the traditional weapons used by the Nihang people, is another.

Bagh Nakh is a subject of huge significance With the Bagh Nakh,  Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj killed Afzalhan in the foothills of the Pratapgad fort.

Bagh Nakh is significant in India, representing both self-defense and resistance against oppression. 

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