Gather Materials 

Collect a piece of leather, keychain ring, scissors, leather punch or awl, hammer, needle, thread, and optional leather dye or paint. 

Use scissors to cut a small piece of leather into your desired shape for the keychain. It could be a rectangle, square, circle, or any other shape you prefer. 

Cut The Leather 

Punch A Hole 

With a leather punch or awl, create a hole near the top of the leather piece. This is where the keychain ring will attach. 

Add personal touches to the leather by stamping, painting, or dyeing it. Use leather stamps, paintbrushes, or leather dyes to create patterns, initials.

Decorate The Leather  


Attach The Keychain Ring 

Insert the keychain ring into the hole you made earlier. Ensure it goes through completely and is securely in place. 

Trim any excess thread and neaten the edges of the leather. You can also use a leather conditioner or beeswax to polish and protect the leather, giving it a finished look. 

Trim And  Finish 

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