Gather Materials 

Collect your desired string, keychain ring, scissors, and optional beads or charms. 

Measure and Cut the String 

Determine the desired length for your keychain.

Attach the Keychain Ring 

Take one end of the string and fold it in half. Pass the folded end through the keychain ring.

Begin Braiding 

Divide the string into three equal parts and start braiding them together. You can use a basic three-strand braid.

Add Beads or Charms  

If desired, thread beads or charms onto the string before continuing the braiding process.

Finish and Secure 

Once you have reached the desired length for your keychain, secure the ends of the string with a knot. Trim any excess string, leaving a small tail. 

Final Touches 

Inspect your keychain to ensure all knots are secure and any added beads or charms are properly attached.

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