1. Gather Materials 

Collect lanyard cord, keychain ring, scissors, optional beads or charms, and a lanyard clip or lobster clasp. 

Measure and Cut the Lanyard Cord 

Determine the desired length for your lanyard keychain. As a general guideline, a length of about 2-3 feet should be sufficient. Cut the lanyard cord accordingly. 

Create a Loop 

ake one end of the lanyard cord and fold it in half to form a loop. The loop should be large enough to accommodate the keychain ring. 

Attach the Keychain Ring 

Slide the folded end of the lanyard cord through the keychain ring and pull the loose ends of the cord through the loop, creating a lark's head knot around the keychain ring.

Begin Weaving 

Start weaving the lanyard cord using a preferred technique, such as the square knot or box knot. Continue weaving until you reach the desired length for 

Finish and Secure 

Once you have reached the desired length, trim any excess lanyard cord, leaving enough length to create a finishing knot. Use a knot like a diamond

Attach the Lanyard Clip 

If using a lanyard clip or lobster clasp, attach it to the end of the lanyard keychain opposite the keychain ring. This will allow you to easily attach

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