How To Make Resin Keychains 

Gather Materials 

Collect resin, keychain molds, stirring sticks, mixing cups, gloves, resin dye or pigments, and optional decorative elements like glitter or dried flowers. 

Prepare the Resin 

Follow the instructions provided with your resin product. Measure the appropriate amount of resin and hardener using the recommended ratio. Pour them into

Add Color and Decorations 

If desired, add resin dye or pigments to the mixture to achieve the desired color. You can also incorporate glitter or small decorative elements.

Pour the Resin 

Carefully pour the mixed resin into the keychain molds. Take care not to overfill them. If using multiple colors or layers, pour each layer separately.

Eliminate Air Bubbles 

To remove air bubbles, gently tap the molds on a hard surface or use a heat tool like a butane torch or heat gun to pass over the surface of the resin. 

Add Keychain Hardware

Once the resin has partially set but is still slightly flexible, insert the keychain hardware, such as the keychain ring, into the resin.

Cure and Demold 

Allow the resin to fully cure according to the manufacturer's instructions. This can take several hours or even overnight. Once cured, carefully remove the resin keychain.

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