How To Play Tennis In The Wind | Best Tips for all Conditions

 Hit with more topspin. Topspin helps the ball to stay down in the court, which is important when playing into the wind. It also makes the ball bounce higher, which can be difficult for your opponent to handle.

Aim for bigger targets. The wind can make it difficult to control your shots, so it's important to aim for bigger targets than you normally would. Avoid hitting close to the lines, as even a small gust of wind can send your ball sailing out of bounds.

Use drop shots. Drop shots can be very effective against the wind, as the wind will slow the ball down and make it difficult for your opponent to reach it.

Be patient. Playing in the wind takes patience. Don't try to force winners. Instead, focus on making consistent shots and keeping the ball in play.

Adjust your game based on the direction of the wind. Here are some specific tips for hitting groundstrokes, serves, returns of serve, and volleys in the wind: