Introducing Aperia Technologies halo Tire Inflator

Aperia Halo Tire Inflator 

The Aperia Halo Tire Inflator is a self-powered, automatic tire inflation system (ATIS) that uses the rotational motion of the wheel to maintain optimal tire pressure.

Benefits of the Halo Tire Inflation System: 

– Improved fuel economy  – Reduced tire wear and tear  – Increased road safety  – Reduced downtime and              maintenance cost – Environmental benefits 

Features of the Halo Tire Inflation System: 

– Self-powered and automatic – Simple bolt-on installation – Durable and reliable      construction – Minimal maintenance required

How the Halo Tire Inflator Works 

It consists of two main components: a pump and a regulator. The pump is powered by the rotational motion of the wheel and uses a pendulum-like mass to create a pumping action. The regulator ensures that the pump only operates when the tire pressure is below the desired level. 

Aperia Halo Tire Inflator Reviews: 

– Improved fuel economy – Extended tire life – Reduced downtime and     maintenance cost – Easy to install and use – Durable and reliable

Halo Tire Inflation System Price 

The price of the Aperia Halo Tire Inflation System varies depending on the vehicle application. However, the cost of the system is typically around $800 to  $1,600  per wheel end.

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