Jim Jordan talked to Trump about becoming Speaker but chose not to oust Gaetz from the GOP caucus. 

Jim Jordan claimed on Thursday that he has discussed his bid to succeed Donald Trump as speaker and that he opposes impeachment.

Matt Gaetz from the Republican caucus despite the ire of some legislators over his role in Rep. Kevin McCarthy's expulsion.

 Jordan stated that he would not support efforts to have Gaetz expelled from the Republican Conference, a proposal that has been made by House members upset with Gaetz for trying to have Rep. Kevin McCarthy removed as speaker.

Jordan said, "I don't think that's justified. "We have a four-seat majority, and Matt is a capable congressman," "I disagree with what he did," Jordan continued regarding Speaker Kevin McCarthy's resignation.But he's a terrific committee member.I believe that we must work together.

"That's a conference decision," Jordan remarked. But I'll tell you what, I would support it if that's what the conference wants to do. 

But if that rule remains unchanged, McCarthy-like danger could await any future speaker. If that's where the conference is, I'd be okay with that, Jordan said. 

As for Jordan’s successor leading the impeachment inquiry and Judiciary Committee, he cited “many capable people” who could take over.