Troubleshoot The Common 3D Printing Issues

Improve print quality by adjusting settings, leveling bed, and troubleshooting factors like speed, temperature, and cooling.

Problems with print quality

Prints failing to stick to the bed? Check adhesive, bed cleanliness, temperature. Use glue or adjust temperature.

Adhesion issues

Extrusion problems result in under-extrusion (brittle prints) or over-extrusion (lumps/rough surfaces), check filament, tension, nozzle, and temperatures for diagnosis.

Extrusion problems

Filament jams occur from dirty/worn-out nozzles or low-quality filament, resolve with better filament, nozzle maintenance, or replacement.

Jams and clogs

Power surges or drops can cause printer breakdowns. Check power source, wiring, and connectors for issues.

Electrical problems

Slicing software/firmware issues affect 3D printing. Check for inaccuracies, outdated versions, and proper printer settings during troubleshooting.

Problems with software and firmware

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