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What is TV backlight?

Anuj Ranaware
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Introduction to What is a TV backlight?

            A light source that illuminates the LCD display from behind is a TV backlight. As a result, light may be either blocked or allowed to pass through, enabling the LCD display to produce a picture. To enhance picture quality, the backlight’s brightness and intensity can be changed.

There are two main types of TV backlights

  • LEDs are positioned along the margins of the TV screen in an edge-lit LED backlight. The screen is then illuminated by the LEDs’ diffused light. Although edge-lit LED backlights are less expensive than other backlight kinds, they may result in uneven lighting.
  • Full-array LED backlight: This form of backlight covers the full back of the TV screen with LEDs. This makes it possible for improved contrast and more balanced illumination. Edge-lit versus full-array LED backlights vary in price, but the former can give a superior image.

Local dimming, a function that enables the illumination to be dimmed in specific sections of the screen, is another feature found on some TVs. This can lessen backlight bleed and increase contrast.

The importance of TV backlight

            An essential component of a TV’s picture quality is the backlight. Brightness, contrast, and color faithfulness can all be enhanced by a decent backlight. Inconsistent lighting, backlight bleed, and other issues can be caused by a poor backlight.

           The sort of backlight a TV has should be a key factor to take into account when purchasing one. Although they are the most popular, edge-lit LED backlights are not the best. Better, but more expensive, full-array LED backlights are available. If you want the highest possible picture quality, pick a TV with local dimming and a full-array LED backlight.

How to adjust TV backlight

            The TV’s settings menu contains an adjustment for the backlight. The backlight setting regulates the screen’s overall brightness. The difference between the brightest and darkest areas of the image is controlled by the contrast setting.

            Depending on the TV and the viewing situation, a different backlight setting will be optimal. You might need to turn up the backlight setting in a bright room in order to see the picture. You might wish to lower the lighting setting in a dark space to lessen eye strain.


           The backlight of the TV plays a significant role in the visual quality. You can select a TV with the best type of backlight for your needs by being aware of how backlights operate. To enhance the visual quality, you can also change the backlight setting.

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