where are 3d printer houses

Where Are 3D Printed Houses?

          3D printed houses, also known as 3D printed house or additive manufactured buildings. They are an emerging innovation in the construction industry. They offer faster, cost-effective, and sustainable alternatives for building homes.

Nantes, France

          A collaborative project called “Yhnova”, was built using a 3D printing process known as “BatiPrint3D”. This project showcased the potential to build 3D printing to construction. It involved layer-by-layer extrusion of a specially formulated concrete mixture to create the walls of the house.

Austin, Texas, USA

          The 3D printing company called ICON was in collaboration with a non- profit organization New Story. In the year 2018, they released their first 3D printed house in Austin, Texas. This house was printed in less than 24 hours using cement-based material. The house is called “Vulcan I”. the project aimed to address housing shortages and provide affordable homes.

Eindhoven, Netherlands

          In the city of Eindhoven in the Netherlands, there were five 3D- printed houses constructed using different technology and materials. The project was called “Project Milestone” which was a collaboration between the municipality called the Eindhoven University of Technology. The first 3D printed house was revealed in the year 2019, and the remaining four houses are expected to be unveiled in the year 2023.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

          Dubai is the leading hub for 3D-printed construction. The government of Dubai has set a goal of constructing 25% of its buildings with 3D technology by the year 2030. In 2019, Dubai constructed the world’s first 3D-printed office building known as the “Office of the Future”. The two-story building was developed by a Chinese company called Winsun.

Shanghai, China

          China has no doubt embraced 3D-printed technology for construction. In 2014, the Chinese company called WinSun made ten houses with 3D printing in just 24 hours. These houses were printed with construction waste, cement, and other materials. Winsun has successfully continued to make large-scale 3D printing projects which also include a five-story building and a villa.


          In the year 2019, the Russian company Apis Cor completed the construction of a 3D printed house in just 24 hours. These houses featured a unique curved design which highlights the flexibility and creative possibilities offered by 3D printing in architecture.

United Kingdom

          The UK is one of the countries that is exploring the potential of 3D printing technology for construction. In 2020, a company named WASP printed a 3D printed house in Naples, Italy. The house was made from clay and took around 20 hours to print. The printedhouse is adaptable to different needs and climates.

Chennai, India

          In the year 2021, Tvasta, a company, 3D printed a 600-square-foot house in Chennai, India. The house was made from concrete and took five days to print. The cost of the house was estimated to be around Rupees 5 Lakh ($65,000). The government of India is also interested in 3D-printed housing technology. The development of 3D-printed housing in India is still in the initial phase, but it has the potential to bring a change in the country’s housing market.

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