About Acer Nitro Computing Monitor Model XV272

About Best Acer Nitro Computing Monitor | Model XV272

About Acer Company

          Acer Nitro Taiwan-based Acer makes computers and gadgets. Since 1976, the firm has become one of the world’s biggest PC and computer device manufacturers.

          Acer makes PCs, tablets, smartphones, displays, projectors, and gaming equipment. They serve numerous markets and client demands with consumer and corporate solutions.

          Innovative designs, low pricing, and a varied product portfolio distinguish the brand. Performance, functionality, and affordability make Acer laptops and desktops popular with consumers and enterprises.

          Acer Predator is a major gaming brand. Predator makes gaming laptops, desktops, monitors, and accessories for gamers and esports fans.

          Acer produces hardware, software, and services to improve user experience and productivity. Cloud-based solutions, gaming platforms, and other software complement their hardware.

          Acer has a large worldwide footprint. Their goods are offered globally via a network of authorized dealers and partners.

Acer Company Products

          Acer sells several items. Acer’s primary product lines :-

  1. Acer Nitro makes ultrabooks, gaming laptops, convertible laptops, and regular notebooks. These gadgets have diverse sizes and specs to meet user demands.
  2. Desktop Computers: Acer makes home and business desktops. They sell tower-style desktops and all-in-one PCs, which merge the computer components into the display.
  3. Display: Acer offers gaming displays, professional-grade monitors for designers and multimedia makers, and daily monitors. They have different sizes, resolutions, and HDR support.
  4. Acer sells Windows and Android tablets. These tablets are for surfing, media consumption, and mobile productivity.
  5. Smartphones: Acer sells Android-based smartphones at various pricing tiers.
  6. Acer makes home theater and commercial projectors. For diverse projection purposes, these projectors provide varying resolutions, brightness levels, and connection choices.
  7. Gaming Products: Acer Predator sells gaming laptops, desktops, displays, keyboards, mouse, and other accessories for gamers and esports fans. These items provide high-performance gaming.
  8. Accessories: Acer sells keyboards, mouse, speakers, headphones, and cases.
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Acer's Contribution To The Tech Industry

Acer has contributed much to tech. Notable accomplishments :-

  • Affordable Computing: Acer Nitro made PCs more affordable. The firm has constantly produced low-cost laptops and desktops, making computing more accessible for individuals and organizations worldwide.
  • Design: Acer Nitro products are creative. They introduced industry-changing form factors and features. Acer popularized 2-in-1 convertible notebooks, which may be used as laptops and tablets.
  • Gaming Technology: Acer Predator’s gaming technology has advanced the industry. They make gaming laptops, desktops, and displays for gamers and esports fans. Acer Predator devices include strong hardware, innovative cooling systems, and gaming features.
  • Education Initiatives: Acer promotes education technologies. They work with schools to provide inexpensive and dependable computer solutions for students and instructors. Acer provides digital learning software and services.
  • Sustainability: Acer is environmentally conscious. The firm prioritizes energy efficiency, recycling, and environmental impact in its production and product design. Acer is in many sustainability indexes for their sustainability initiatives.
  • Industry Partnerships: Acer has developed unique solutions with other industry leaders and technology companies. They have strategic agreements with Intel, Microsoft, and Nvidia to improve user computing experiences.
  • R&D: Acer funds R&D to enhance technology. They build new technologies, improve product performance, and research AI, VR, and cloud computing trends.

          Acer’s innovations, accessibility, and sustainability have shaped the IT sector.

Acer Nitro Computing Monitors Series

          Acer offers a line of gaming monitors called Acer Nitro. I can provide you some of the most well-known Acer Nitro monitor series models up to September 2021, but I don’t have access to the most recent information beyond that date. Here are a few well-known examples:

  • Acer Nitro XV273K, a 27-inch gaming monitor with a 3840×2160 resolution in 4K Ultra HD. It boasts a refresh rate of 144Hz, which can be overclocked to 144Hz, and it supports AMD Free Sync. Additionally, HDR (High Dynamic Range) is included for better color and contrast.
  • The 27-inch gaming monitor from Acer has a WQHD resolution of 2560×1440. It supports AMD Free Sync and delivers a quick refresh rate of 144Hz. For broad viewing angles and precise color reproduction, it sports an IPS panel.
  • The 34-inch ultrawide Acer Nitro XZ342CK is a curved gaming monitor. It has a high refresh rate of 144Hz and a WQHD resolution (3440×1440). For a more immersive gaming experience, it boasts an immersive curved shape and supports AMD Free Sync.
  • Acer Nitro VG240Y, a 24-inch gaming monitor with Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. It supports AMD Free Sync and delivers a quick refresh rate of 144Hz. For broad viewing angles and rich colors, it includes an IPS panel.
  • Acer Nitro XV340CK: This 34-inch gaming monitor has a WQHD (3440×1440) resolution. It supports AMD Free Sync and features a 144Hz rapid refresh rate. Wide viewing angles and excellent color reproduction are provided by the IPS screen.
  • Acer Nitro XV272: The 27-inch, 1080p IPS, 165Hz Acer Nitro XV272 (LVbmiiprx) monitor. It operates in the most cutthroat segment of the monitor industry.

Acer XV272: The Specifications

          Acer Nitro XV272 (LVbmiiprx) is a 27-inch, 1080p IPS monitor with 165Hz refresh rate. It is in the most competitive monitor market sector. XV272 specifications.

  • Display size: 27-inch 
  • Native resolution: 1920×1080 
  • Panel type: IPS 
  • Refresh rate: Up to 165Hz 
  • Adaptive sync: AMD FreeSync Premium and G-Sync Compatible 
  • Ports: 2x HDMI 2.0, 1x DisplayPort, 4x USB 3 
  • Stand adjustment: Height, tilt, swivel, pivot 
  • VESA mount: Yes, 100x100mm 
  • Speakers: Yes 
  • Price: $349 MSRP, around $279 typical 

          Nitro XV272 characteristics set it apart. It supports AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync at 165Hz. It features three video inputs, four USB ports, and a stand with several ergonomic settings. These qualities indicate that the Nitro XV272, however affordable, is a step up from entry-level 1080p displays. 

Acer XV272: Features And Menu

          Two HDMI 2.0 ports, one DisplayPort, and a total of four USB-A 3.0 connections are available for wired peripheral connectivity. Due to this, the monitor serves as a passably functional USB hub, despite the fact that it lacks more sophisticated capabilities like USB-C with Power Delivery. However, compared to other 1080p gaming monitors, the Acer Nitro XV272 offers more ports.

          The menu mechanism of the Nitro XV272 may be improved. When using the joystick to cycle through choices, it doesn’t seem snappy and has a basic appearance with plain letters and basic icons. The power button is a little too near to the choose buttons, but the joystick and select buttons are simple to operate. I repeatedly unintentionally switched off the display.

          There are two two-watt speakers built inside the monitor. They’re not amazing, but they work well for YouTube, podcasts, and games with subpar audio. When sound quality counts, you should use a headset.

Acer XV272: HDR Performance

          The Acer Nitro XV272 is VESA Display HDR 400 certified and supports HDR. Although HDR functionality is becoming ubiquitous among gaming monitors, at this price range it still feels unique. A good 450 nit maximum HDR brightness was what I tested. 

          Despite supporting HDR, the Nitro XV272 was unable to activate HDR mode when presented with an HDR stream. I had to choose it myself. Given that almost all of the displays I test have no trouble automatically identifying HDR, this is just a small irritation but is frustrating.  

          The HDR performance of the Nitro XV272 exceeds expectations. With improved color gamut and HDR accuracy, it provided performance that was superior to more costly displays like the Gigabyte M27Q X and Asus ProArt PA279CV. 

          However, this is a cheap display and cannot do HDR justice. Although HDR material might provide a little bit more information in bright regions, it isn’t inherently more colorful or rich than SDR—it just has a different appearance

Acer XV272: Motion Performance

          The Acer Nitro XV272 from Acer can refresh at a rate as high as 165Hz. This results in games moving smoothly and fluidly, while desktop use seems speedier and more responsive. You don’t need to worry about the monitor working with your specific video card since it officially supports AMD Free Sync Premium and Nvidia G-Sync.

          Customers should keep in mind that this 1080p display is less demanding than one with a 1440p or 4K resolution. In a large number of games, it is feasible to get a frame rate that makes full advantage of the 165Hz refresh rate. For budget-conscious players, this is fantastic news.

          At the monitor’s default response-time setting, motion clarity is excellent. Several image-quality settings for gaming may be used to activate the monitor’s Overdrive mode. While this might increase clarity, it can also result in overshoot, a problem when a pixel deviates from the intended color and produces artifacts around objects with high contrast. Overdrive should be left at the default setting of Normal for the majority of owners. 

Acer XV272: SDR Image Quality

          The Acer Nitro XV272 is towards the high end of pricing for a 27-inch 1080p display. Gamers can snag a 1440p or 4K monitor for about the same price. Acer combats this with a vivid, accurate image. 

          SDR brightness is around 250 nits. Although this is dim, you’ll notice that it isn’t the monitor’s actual maximum brightness when I talk about HDR. In SDR mode, Acer seems to be restricting the monitor’s capabilities. Despite this, the display is still sufficiently bright for usage in almost all circumstances. Only when used in front of a window with sunlight will it look dark.

          The sRGB color space is completely covered, along with 88 percent of DCI-P3, by the solid color gamut. Its wide color gamut is excellent for a mid-range gaming monitor and gives it an edge over rivals with a smaller color space. In games, the additional color creates an appealing, bright, and saturated appearance. 

          The Nitro XV272 excels in terms of color accuracy, with a default color accuracy that is more in line with a high-end professional monitor than a mid-range gaming monitor. 

          The optimal gamma curve for the display was 2.2, which suggests that the material appears nearly as bright as was planned. It was determined that the default color temperature was 6200K, which is a little bit warmer and more reddish than the usual value of 6500K. The display has several gamma and color temperature settings, as was already said, so there is plenty of flexibility to adjust the picture if necessary. 

          The monitor’s biggest strength is the fact that you don’t have to. The XV272 offers a terrific experience right out of the box because to its good contrast, realistic color, and absence of obvious defects. The SDR image is engaging and friendly.

How to Factory Reset Acer Nitro 5

To factory reset an Acer Nitro 5 laptop, follow these steps:

Warning: Performing a factory reset will erase all your data and settings. Make sure to back up any important files before proceeding.

  1. Save Your Data: Back up your important files to an external storage device, cloud storage, or another computer.
  2. Disconnect Peripherals: Unplug any external devices such as USB drives, printers, and external monitors from your laptop.
  3. Restart Your Laptop: If your laptop is on, restart it.
  4. Access Recovery Environment:
  5. During the startup process, repeatedly press the appropriate key to access the boot menu or BIOS settings. This key is usually displayed briefly on the screen as the laptop starts up. For Acer laptops, it’s often the F2 key, but it could be different for your specific model.
  6. In the boot menu or BIOS settings, navigate to the “Boot” or “Boot Options” section using the keyboard arrow keys.
  7. Boot from Recovery Partition:
  8. Ensure that the option for booting from a recovery partition is enabled (if available).
  9. Select the option that corresponds to your recovery partition and has the word “Recovery” or “Restore” in its description.
  10. Enter Recovery Environment: Your laptop should now boot into the recovery environment. This might be a graphical interface or a text-based menu.
  11. Choose Factory Reset Option:
  12. Look for an option similar to “Reset,” “Recovery,” or “Restore Factory Settings.”
  13. Follow the on-screen prompts to initiate the factory reset process.
  14. You might be asked to confirm your choice. Make sure you understand that all data will be deleted.
  15. Begin Factory Reset: The factory reset process will begin. This might take some time, and your laptop will restart multiple times.
  16. Follow On-Screen Instructions: Depending on the manufacturer and version of your recovery environment, you might need to follow additional on-screen instructions during the process.
  17. Set Up Windows: After the factory reset is complete, your laptop will restart, and you will be presented with the initial Windows setup process. Follow the prompts to set up your language, region, time zone, keyboard layout, and user account.
  18. Restore Data: Once the initial setup is complete, you can restore your backed-up data from your external storage or cloud backup.

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