A step-by-step guide on how to use She's Birdie personal safety alarm.

How To Use She’s Birdie – Guide In 2023



          Welcome to our blog! In this guide, we will explore the effective use of She’s Birdie, a personal safety alarm designed to provide security and peace of mind, especially for women. Discover how it can be your reliable companion in threatening situations. From understanding its features to activating the alarm, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of maximizing its potential. Learn how to draw attention, alert emergency contacts, and seek help while staying vigilant. Join us as we delve into the world of She’s Birdie and empower ourselves with practical knowledge for personal safety. Let’s dive in!

Step 1

Familiarize Yourself

Step 1 To Birdie Keychains

          Take the time to thoroughly read the instruction manual provided with it. Understanding all the features and functions of the device will help you use it effectively in emergency situations. Pay attention to details such as battery replacement procedures, testing instructions, and any additional features specific to your model. The more familiar you are with the device, the more confident you will be when using it.

Step 2

Attach To Your Belongings

Step 2 to Birdie Keychain

          It comes with a keychain attachment or clip. Choose the attachment method that suits your preferences and lifestyle. Securely fasten She’s Birdie to your keys, purse, backpack, or any item you carry regularly. Ensure the attachment is strong and reliable so that She’s Birdie remains easily accessible when needed. Consider attaching it to an item you are less likely to misplace or drop during a potential emergency situation.

Step 3

Keep It Accessible

Step 3 to She's Birdie

          To use it effectively, it’s crucial to keep it within easy reach at all times. Identify a location where you can store it conveniently, such as a pocket, bag compartment, or attached to your clothing. The key is to have it readily available so you can quickly access it during a threatening situation. By keeping it in a consistent location, you can rely on muscle memory during times of stress or panic.

Step 4

Activate The alarm

Step 4 to She's Birdie

          In a threatening or dangerous situation, firmly grip it and locate the safety pin at the top of the device. Pull out the safety pin in one swift motion to activate the loud alarm. The quick activation will allow you to focus on your safety while simultaneously alerting others to your distress. Remember, pulling out the safety pin is a decisive action that triggers the alarm immediately.

Step 5

Draw Attention With The Alarm Sound

Step 5 to She's Birdie

          Once the safety pin is pulled out, it emits a loud and attention-grabbing alarm sound. The sound is designed to be piercing and can reach up to 130 decibels, similar to the volume of a chainsaw or a concert speaker. By holding She’s Birdie up high, you maximize its reach and increase the chances of someone nearby hearing the alarm and coming to your aid. The goal is to create a sense of urgency and attract the attention of potential helpers or deter potential attackers.

Step 6

Alert Your Emergency Contacts (If Applicable)

Step 6 to SHe's Birdie

          Some models of it include a built-in emergency button and a connected mobile app. Before using this feature, ensure you have installed the app and set up your emergency contacts. If you feel the need to notify your emergency contacts about your situation, press the emergency button on She’s Birdie after activating the alarm. This will send a distress message to your pre-set emergency contacts through the app, providing them with vital information about your location and situation. This feature can be especially useful if you are unable to make a phone call or if you want to discreetly notify your contacts.

Step 7

Seek Help And Find A Safe Location

Step 7 to she's Birdie

          As soon as it’s alarm is activated, it’s important to take action to ensure your safety. While the loud alarm is sounding and help is on the way, seek assistance from people nearby who can offer aid or contact the authorities. Look for individuals, security personnel, or law enforcement officers who can provide immediate help. Move towards a well-lit and populated area where you feel secure and safe until help arrives. Remember to stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings while you wait for assistance.

Step 8

Stay Vigilant And Aware

          Even after activating it, maintain situational awareness. Be observant of your surroundings and stay alert to any potential threats or changes in your environment. If possible, try to remember key details such as the appearance of the attacker or any distinguishing features. This information can be valuable for law enforcement later and can contribute to your safety.

Step 9

Test And Maintain She's Birdie

Step 9 to She's Birdie

          Regularly test it to ensure it is in proper working condition. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for testing the alarm and checking the batteries. It is essential to have a fully functional device when you need it most. Replace the batteries as needed to ensure She’s Birdie remains reliable. Also, make sure to keep the safety pin securely in place when not in use to prevent accidental activation.

Step 10


Step 10 to she's birdie

          To build confidence and familiarity, practice using She’s Birdie in a safe and controlled environment. By rehearsing the steps and simulating emergency scenarios, you’ll be better prepared to respond effectively during a real situation. Practice activating the alarm quickly and holding She’s Birdie in the proper position to maximize the sound. This will help you develop muscle memory and the ability to use She’s Birdie instinctively.


          In conclusion, She’s Birdie is an invaluable tool for personal safety. By familiarizing yourself with the device, attaching it to your belongings, and keeping it accessible, you can quickly activate the loud alarm and draw attention to your situation. Additionally, if your She’s Birdie model includes the emergency button and connected app, you can alert your emergency contacts and provide them with essential information. Remember to seek help, stay vigilant, and maintain situational awareness until assistance arrives. Regularly testing and practicing the use of She’s Birdie will ensure its reliability when you need it most. Stay empowered and prioritize your safety with She’s Birdie by your side.


Yes, She’s Birdie can be used by anyone in need of a personal safety alarm.

The alarm sound emitted by She’s Birdie can reach up to 130 decibels, creating a powerful and attention-grabbing noise.

Yes, She’s Birdie is designed to be water-resistant, allowing for safe usage in various weather conditions.


To stop the alarm, simply reinsert the safety pin back into She’s Birdie, which will deactivate the sound.


No, She’s Birdie does not require any subscriptions or fees to use its basic functionalities.

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