why kabaddi is dangerous

The dangers of kabaddi: What you should know

               A well-liked contact sport that is performed all around the world is kabaddi. It is a physically hard, quick-paced activity that can be highly entertaining to play and watch. However, kabaddi can also be a risky sport, as players run the risk of suffering a range of wounds.

Here are some of the reasons why kabaddi is dangerous

            Players are permitted to tackle, block, and push each other to the ground in this full-contact sport. Injury-causing collisions and falls may happen from this.

            It is a sport that moves swiftly: Kabaddi moves very quickly, requiring participants to respond quickly and make quick motions. The body may experience stress as a result, raising the possibility of injury.

            Kabaddi is a physically difficult sport that calls for a lot of stamina, agility, and strength. Effective running, jumping, tackling, and blocking are required of players. Overuse injuries may result from this, especially if athletes do not receive the required training or rest.

Some of the most common injuries in kabaddi include

              Sprains and strains: These injuries can affect any muscle or ligament in the body, although the ankles, knees, and shoulders are the most frequently affected areas.

              Concussions: A player may sustain a concussion if they are tackled, collide with another player, or fall and strike their head. If not properly handled, concussions can have major long-term implications.

              Dislocations: When a joint is pushed out of its natural position, a dislocation can happen. The shoulders and fingers are the most frequently affected areas.

              Any bone in the body can break, but the legs and arms are the most frequently affected.

              Players who play kabaddi run the danger of suffering more severe wounds such spinal cord injury and internal hemorrhage in addition to these typical wounds.

How to stay safe while playing kabaddi:

             Despite the dangers, kabaddi is a well-liked sport that appeals to players of all ages and abilities. Here are some pointers for playing kabaddi safely: Wear the appropriate protective equipment, such as a headgear, knee pads, and ankle supports. Before participating, warm up correctly to assist your body be ready for the physical demands of the game. Applying the right technique will help to lower the chance of injury. Observe your surroundings and steer clear of player collisions. If you get hurt while playing, stop right away and go to the doctor. It is crucial to remember that kabaddi is a risky sport where players can sustain a number of different injuries.

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