XPENG Motors Wins Top Tech Award at Auto Awards 2023 in Denmark!



In a nod to its groundbreaking strides in automotive technology, XPENG Motors, a prominent Chinese smart electric vehicle (Smart EV) manufacturer, clinched the coveted Technological Frontrunner of the Year award at the esteemed Auto Awards 2023 held in Denmark. This accolade underscores XPENG’s steadfast dedication to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle (EV) innovation and crafting state-of-the-art automobiles tailored to the discerning preferences of global drivers.

Features of XPENG's G9

XPENG’s flagship SUV, the G9, took center stage during the award ceremony, lauded for its remarkable technological advancements, including:

Ultra-Fast Charging: Setting an industry benchmark, the G9 boasts an impressive charging speed of up to 300 kW, allowing drivers to recharge their vehicles from 10% to 80% in a mere 20 minutes.

Advanced Autonomous Driving Features: The G9 is equipped with a suite of cutting-edge autonomous driving features, featuring Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP) for highway autonomy and Memory Parking 2.0, enabling the vehicle to autonomously park in various scenarios.

Luxurious and Comfortable Interior: Designed for opulence and comfort, the G9’s interior offers ample space, premium materials, and advanced features such as a 14.15-inch touchscreen and a 25.6-inch dual-screen infotainment system.

What's more

The prestigious Technological Frontrunner of the Year award solidifies XPENG’s standing as an automotive innovation trailblazer. The company remains committed to shaping the future of mobility through the continuous development of cutting-edge EVs.

In addition to the Technological Frontrunner of the Year accolade, XPENG received nominations in two other categories at the Auto Awards 2023: Car Brand of the Year and Family Car of the Year (G9). These nominations underscore XPENG’s burgeoning reputation for excellence in the automotive sector.

XPENG’s success is rooted in its unwavering commitment to innovation and its dedication to crafting EVs that seamlessly blend technological sophistication with environmental sustainability. Positioned as a frontrunner in the automotive industry, XPENG’s receipt of the Technological Frontrunner of the Year award stands as a testament to its remarkable achievements.

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