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Best Christmas Trains to Travel in Holiday’s

1. Chattanooga Christmas Train Dinner

Chattanooga Christmas Train Dinner

          One popular holiday activity in Chattanooga is the Tennessee Valley Railroad’s Christmas Dinner Train. Passengers enjoy a delicious four-course supper as the train departs Grand Junction Station and travels through the scenic Tennessee Valley. The train is decked out for Christmas, and Santa Claus makes frequent appearances.

          The Christmas Train Dinner departs at TVRM’s Grand Junction Station in Chattanooga and winds its way through the quaint streets and residences of the city at a leisurely pace. As the train passes by, visitors may see the shimmering lights that adorn the city, creating a mystical environment that perfectly captures the essence of the season.

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2. Leavenworth Christmas Train

Leavenworth Christmas Train

         Between Seattle, Washington, and Leavenworth, Washington, there runs a seasonal passenger train called the Leavenworth Christmas Train, often referred to as the Snow Train. Early in the afternoon, the train arrives in Leavenworth after leaving Seattle in the morning. Before reboarding the train for the journey back, passengers get around three hours to tour the Christmas-decorated town.

         For kids especially, the train trip is a fantastic experience. Carolers and other performers are on board, and the train is decked out for the holiday season. On the train, Santa Claus also makes an appearance and gives each youngster a tiny present.

         A well-liked family outing, the Leavenworth Christmas Train offers an amazing way to celebrate the holidays in Washington State.


3. Santa Steam Express

Santa Steam Express

          A fantastic journey awaits you on the Santa Steam Express as the holiday season draws near, the air is filled with the alluring scent of gingerbread and mulled wine, and the streets start to sparkle with lights. Steam Dreams Rail Co.’s enchanted voyage transports families and train lovers to a bygone period of steam-powered travel, providing a nostalgic and joyful experience.

          Set out on an exciting adventure from London Victoria station, where the smell of coal smoke and the locomotive’s steady chugging announce the arrival of the Santa Steam Express. Enter the brightly decorated carriages to experience the true meaning of Christmas. Kids’ eyes light up with excitement as they see the warm, inviting spaces filled with festive décor, sparkling lights, and an alluring sense of the fantastical experiences that await them.

4. Kansas City Christmas Train

kansas city christmas train

Two primary Christmas train experiences are available in Kansas City:

The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train:

          On December 13, 2023, this train crosses both Canada and the United States and arrives at Union Station in Kansas City. The train has live entertainment, light decorations, and music. Additionally, guests are welcome to donate toys and food to nearby organizations.

The Mini Holiday Express Train:

          From November 17, 2023, to January 1, 2024, Union Station’s Grand Plaza hosts the Holiday Reflections event, where this train operates. The train is a scale replica of the Jones Store Train, a long-running attraction at the downtown Jones Store. Youngsters under 48″ tall can board the train for $5 (members of Union Station ride free).

5. Canadian Pacific Christmas Train

Canadian Pacific Christmas Train

          For more than 20 years, the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train has pleased and generously blessed towns across North America. It is a much-loved Canadian custom. The train passes through hundreds of towns and cities as it travels across Canada and the United States decked out in festive lights and decorations. The train raises money for nearby food banks at each stop by hosting a free outdoor performance with well-known Canadian and American performers.

          Now in progress, the 2023 CPKC Holiday Train is traversing both Canada and the United States. In addition to bringing holiday happiness to more than 200 towns, the train will collect donations for nearby food banks at more than 160 stops. Check out the official website of the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train for additional information about the train’s timetable and ways to participate.


6. Christmas Train Sacramento

Christmas Train Sacramento

Sacramento offers two train journeys throughout the Christmas season:

Magical Christmas Train:

          The River Fox Train, which leaves from the West Sacramento Amtrak Station, is the vehicle used for the magical Christmas train excursion. The train is decked out for the holidays, and Santa’s elves are there to assist patrons with games, carol singing, and other festive activities. A commemorative cup, cookies, and hot cocoa are included in the hour-long journey.


          The vintage train operated by the California State Railroad Museum, known as THE POLAR EXPRESSTM Train Ride, leaves from the Old Sacramento Train Depot. The train is reconstructed to resemble the one in the novel and film The Polar Express. It is suggested that travelers dress in their pajamas and indulge in cookies and hot cocoa while they read the tale of The Polar Express. The journey lasts for around 1.5 hours and includes a visit from Santa.

7. Blue Ridge Train Christmas

Blue Ridge Train Christmas

          The Holiday Express on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway is a very wonderful way to celebrate Christmas. The train takes visitors on a one-hour round-trip ride over the snow-covered mountains, departing from the historic depot in Blue Ridge, Georgia’s downtown.

          The train is decked out for the holidays with colorful ornaments, garlands, and sparkling lights. Passengers savor cookies, hot chocolate, and other seasonal fare inside. Santa Claus also makes a special visit and gives gifts to every youngster on board.

          The Holiday Express is a well-attended event, make sure to reserve your seats in advance. Online or over the phone at (877) 413-8724, you may purchase tickets for the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway.

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8. Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Holiday Train

Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Holiday Train

          Every year, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) operates a unique holiday train that is decked out for the holidays. The train travels across the city, stopping at several stations, and is free to board.

          Usually, the train runs from late November to early January. For the most recent information, it is recommended to visit the CTA website as the precise dates and times of operation change from year to year.

          The Allstate CTA Holiday Train is a vehicle for promoting kindness and charity in addition to being a work of visual art. The CTA makes sure that the Christmas joy goes beyond the train’s festive décor by collaborating with several groups to gather toys and contributions for underprivileged families.

9. The Holiday Express 1880 Train

The Holiday Express 1880 Train

          The Holiday Express 1880 Train travels from Hill City, South Dakota, to the North Pole in one hour on a round-trip train. The train includes a visit with Santa Claus in the North Pole and passes through the Badlands National Park and the Black Hills.

          The train is decked out for the holidays, complete with carol singers, sweets and hot chocolate being served. Every youngster on the train receives a visit from Santa Claus along with a present. Tickets for the Holiday Express 1880 Train sell out quickly since it’s a popular event. It’s a wonderful way to take in the Christmas enchantment.

          The train is planned to operate from November 24, 2023, until December 28, 2023, on a few selected occasions. Online or over the phone at (605) 574-2222, the 1880 Train office is where tickets may be bought.

10. Santa Claus Express,Finland

Santa Claus Express, Helsinki, Finland

          The capital of Finland, Rovaniemi, is reached by the double-decker Santa Claus Express night train from Helsinki, Finland. The train is decked out for Christmas all year round, and the trip takes around thirteen hours.

          The train provides a range of sleeping options, including private cabins and regular seats. Additionally, there is a dining car where patrons may have lunch, supper, and breakfast in the typical Finnish style. Traveling to Lapland on the Santa Claus Express is a popular way to enjoy the enchantment of Christmas in Finland.

Are there different ticket options available for the Blue Ridge Train Christmas?

Yes, ticket options vary and can include coach seating, premium class options, and sometimes special packages with additional perks.

What is the cost of riding the snow train in Leavenworth? On the train, coach tickets cost $229 per person. Individual premium seats cost $299. Each person’s dome car seat costs $359.

Although the train travel lasts 3 to 4hours, it is a breathtakingly beautiful excursion. Along the journey, you’ll be treated to breathtaking vistas of the Snohomish River Valley, the Cascade Mountains, and Puget Sound. It’s possible to get lucky and spot some animals, particularly in the summer.

The schedule for the Canadian Pacific Christmas Train varies each year, but it typically runs from late November to mid-December, making stops in communities along its route.

The train journey usually departs from Hill City, South Dakota, and may travel through the scenic Black Hills area, offering passengers picturesque views of the winter landscape.

Passengers aboard the Holiday Express can enjoy festive decorations on the vintage train cars, holiday-themed music, and sometimes special appearances by Santa Claus or other holiday characters. Hot cocoa, cookies, and other treats might also be available on board.

Passengers aboard the Holiday Express can enjoy festive decorations on the vintage train cars, holiday-themed music, and sometimes special appearances by Santa Claus or other holiday characters. Hot cocoa, cookies, and other treats might also be available on board.

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