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Does Baseball Come From Rounders

Anuj Ranaware
2 Min Read

People have talked a lot about where baseball comes from, and a common idea is that it grew from a game called rounders, which is English.

Rounders is a game with a bat and ball, played in England for a long time. It’s like baseball in some ways. Both are played on a diamond-shaped field with four bases. Players take turns batting and try to run around the bases without getting tagged out.

Baseball and rounders look pretty similar, but there are some differences. Rounders usually uses a softer ball, and it doesn’t have a pitcher’s mound.

Even with these differences, it’s clear that baseball has its roots in rounders. They come from a common ancestor. We don’t know exactly how baseball became its own thing, but it’s thought English settlers brought it to America in the 17th century, and it changed over time into the baseball we know today.

The connection between baseball and rounders is cool. It shows how cultures can influence each other and how these two games share a history.

So, while there’s no one answer to where baseball started, it’s pretty likely that it has a lot in common with rounders and they share a family tree.

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