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Does Baseball Cancel For Rain

Anuj Ranaware
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Deciding whether to call off a baseball game because of rain isn’t always easy. Usually, games continue unless the rain is really heavy or keeps coming down. But there are things that affect this decision:

– How hard the rain is
– What time of day it is
– How big the game is
– How the field is doing

If the rain is light or off and on, they might just delay the game instead of canceling it. But if it’s pouring or just won’t stop, they might cancel.

Games in the evening or night are more likely to get canceled because rain often sticks around longer during those times.

Important games, like playoffs or the World Series, are less likely to get canceled because they’re a big deal for the teams and the fans.

The field’s condition matters too. If it’s wet, it’s risky for the players. Also, a wet field makes it tough to hit and field the ball.

If they do cancel a game, they’ll usually pick another day to play it. But sometimes, they might cancel without a new date.

In a nutshell, deciding if rain stops a baseball game is a bit tricky. They look at how hard it’s raining, the time of day, how important the game is, and the field’s condition to make the call.

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