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Is Creality Better than Anycubic?

Anuj Ranaware
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Creality vs Anycubic: Which 3D Printer Brand Is Better?

         For good reason, the two most well-known 3D printer brands on the market are Creality and Anycubic. Both companies provide a large selection of reasonably priced, excellent printers. But there are some significant variations between the two brands that might help you choose one over the other.


         Cost is one of the main distinctions between Anycubic and Creality. In general, the cost of a creativity printer is lower than that of an Anycubic printer. This is a result of Creality’s emphasis on creating affordable, high-quality printers. Conversely, Anycubic concentrates on making printers that are more feature-rich and have better construction.

Build quality

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         Printers made by Anycubic are renowned for their excellent construction. Anycubic printers are expertly constructed and utilise premium-grade parts. While they are likewise well-made, creativity printers differ in their construction from model to model.


         In general, Anycubic printers are easier to use than Creality printers. Anycubic printers can be simpler to set up and operate when equipped with features like direct-drive extruders and automatic bed levelling. In comparison to Anycubic printers, Creality printers can be trickier to assemble and calibrate, and some models demand more user input.


         Compared to Creality printers, Anycubic printers have more features. Features like filament runout sensors, direct-drive extruders, and automatic bed levelling are frequently included with anycubic printers. These features are usually absent from creativity printers.

Community support

         Compared to Anycubic, Creality has a bigger and livelier community. This indicates that users can find more online resources to assist them in troubleshooting their Creality printers. Though it is not as large as Creality’s, Anycubic also has a vibrant community.

Creality's Upper Hand

Creality's Upper Hand

         Creality still has some advantages over Anycubic, even after taking into account its comparative advantages in terms of features, build quality, ease of use, and community support.

         Creality’s cost is among its greatest benefits. In general, the cost of a creativity printer is lower than that of an Anycubic printer. Because of this, users on a tight budget might consider Creality.

         Creality offers a large selection of printers, which is another benefit. From novices to pros, Creality has printers to suit every need. While Creality has a larger selection of printers, Anycubic also has a large selection.

         Lastly, there is a sizable and vibrant community on Creality. This indicates that users can find more online resources to assist them in troubleshooting their Creality printers.

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         Which brand is better, then? Anycubic or Creativity? The answer depends on your individual needs and preferences. A good choice if you’re searching for a low-cost printer with lots of features is Creality. Anycubic is a good choice if you’re searching for a high-quality printer that is easy to use.

         Here is a table summarizing the key differences between Creality and Anycubic:






More affordable

Less affordable


Build quality

Can be variable

Generally better than Creality



Can be difficult to assemble and calibrate

More user-friendly than Creality



Fewer features than Anycubic printers

More features than Creality printers


Community support

Large and active community

Smaller community, but still active


Which brand should you choose?

         I suggest using an Anycubic printer as a starting point if you are a novice. They have more features and are easier to use. On the other hand, a Creality printer is a good choice if money is tight.

         Consider a Creality printer if you have prior experience with 3D printers. They provide better value for the money, and you can get assistance from a sizable user base in troubleshooting issues.

         Ultimately, comparing various models and reading reviews is the best way to determine which brand is best for you.

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