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Why Does Devi Durga Return On Every Navratri

Anuj Ranaware
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          One of the most significant and cherished holidays in the Hindu calendar is Navratri, a nine-night Hindu festival honoring the goddess Durga as the embodiment of the feminine divine. It is believed that Devi Durga visits Earth during Navratri to bestow blessings and shield her followers from harm.

          Why Devi Durga visits Earth each year is one of the most often posed queries about Navratri. This question has a wide range of mythological and philosophical responses.

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Mythological Reasons

          According to a well-known urban legend, Devi Durga comes to Earth each year to vanquish Mahishasura. A mighty demon named Mahishasura received the blessing that he could only be destroyed by a woman. He developed a brash attitude and started terrorizing the world.

          Devi Durga consented to kill Mahishasura after being asked for assistance by the gods and goddesses. After a bloody conflict, Devi Durga triumphed, killing Mahishasura and bringing back peace and order to the world.

          Another story claims that Devi Durga visits Earth annually to bestow blessings and fulfill the requests of her followers. It is thought that Devi Durga is especially merciful during Navratri and is more likely to hear her followers’ requests then.

Philosophical Reasons

          Navratri symbolizes the triumph of good over evil and the victory of spiritual wisdom over ignorance philosophically. Devi Durga represents everything that is pure and good, and her annual visit to Earth serves as a reminder that goodness will always prevail over evil.

          The necessity of sadhana, or spiritual practice, is another theme associated with Navratri. Devotees are said to be able to advance spiritually and purify their minds and hearts by worshiping Devi Durga during Navratri.

Why is Devi Durga's return so important?

          The arrival of Devi Durga on Earth during Navratri is significant for a number of reasons. It serves as a first-hand reminder of the triumph of good over evil. Devi Durga’s victory against Mahishasura serves as evidence that, whatever how potent evil may appear to be, good will always prevail.

          Second, worshippers should seek Devi Durga’s blessings and direction during her return. It is thought that Devi Durga is especially merciful during Navratri and is more likely to grant the requests of her worshippers.

          Third, worshippers should concentrate on their spiritual practice during Devi Durga’s return. During Navratri, devotees can worship Devi Durga to purify their hearts and minds and advance in their spiritual journey.

          It is a period of renewal and change during Navratri. The harvest is nearing its end as the seasons change. Navratri is a time for introspection and goal-setting for the coming year. A fresh start and a new beginning are represented by Devi Durga’s return.

          The festival of Navratri honors the feminine divine. One of the most feared and respected goddesses in Hindu mythology is Devi Durga. Her homecoming at the festival of Navratri serves as a reminder of the value of the feminine divine and the strength of women.

          During Navratri, communities should come together. Celebrations of Navratri frequently take place in temples and community centers, bringing people from all walks of life together.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Durga Puja is not only celebrated in India but it is also celebrated in Bangladesh and Dubai.


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